Medical facilities

The health of students is our prime concern and we give paramount importance to it. Medical care is considered to be of high priority in our school.
The school has a highly qualified nurse in a well-equipped infirmary. Additionally, a doctor visits the school on a monthly basis.
In case of emergency, the students can be taken to a local doctor in school van. Clear medical records containing the vaccination details of children below 7 years is well maintained.We also ensure that parents are completely informed not just in case of major medical concerns but also in minor ones.


We have 4 school buses with responsible and experienced and licensed drivers to provide transportation to the students in the morning and afternoon accompanied with accompanied with a bus monitor to insure the safety of our young children.
We have school vans too which are used for school duties, excursion trips and to transport the students in cases of any kind of emergency.
Transportation records are maintained for students and a transportation batch containing the name of the driver and parents’ contact details is provided to every student availing school bus facility.

Libraries / Science laboratories :

We can never over-emphasize the importance of school libraries. The very first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (P. B. U. H) was the word “Read”. A library is a store house of knowledge which is used to develop the crucial habit of reading in students of all ages. In our school, primary aim of the library always remains constant with the ever-changing demands leading to change in design, digital platform, strategies and tools as technology changes. We are always keen on updating our library with books of latest editions as it strongly impacts on the academic achievement of the students. Students can perform better if they read more and more.

Science labs on the other hand hold great importance in schools as it gives an outlook to students beyond books and conventional classroom teaching. Science can be effectively taught by seeing and handling real objects and materials. The knowledge of science that is imparted in classrooms will be ineffective unless the students actually observe the process and understand the connection between action and reaction.
Keeping this concept in mind and to provide the students with first hand learning, we have maintained a fine science lab in our school consisting of the basic necessities of students of every grade.
They consist of anatomy models, physics science kits, chemistry science kits etc. All of these are used under the supervision of the concerned teacher.

Computer laboratories

Computers make the learning process simple and extremely efficient. They provide students with access to tools and methods of communication whether online or offlineOur school has a well-equipped computer lab with the latest generation Pentiums. Computer science is taught right from Grade 1 and students are taken to the computer labs on a weekly basis or frequently depending upon the grades and requirements under the supervision of their respective computer teachers. Using computers helps the students to get more focused on their work and perform better with technology in hand.


Children need to be able to access the school playground to develop physically and mentally as sports in a student’s life plays an important role in the overall development of the child, be it of any age group. For this purpose, we have games period for every class on a weekly basis. Students are taken to the playground under the supervision of a games teacher who teaches them new outdoor games. School playground provides a holistic approach to educate young minds as stretching, climbing and balancing improve body strength, spatial awareness and writing.

Arts lab

Arts is an important subject as well and we pay due recognition to works of art by our students as it benefits them in their intellectual, personal and social development. It also helps them master the other core subjects by recognizing their cognitive skills. Keeping this idea in mind, we have a beautifully organized Arts room which showcases works of art developed by our students.

Language lab

Language labs for every age group are provided in the school with the core idea to instill good listening skills which is very important in the field of learning any language. Audios are played, and a set of questionnaire is prepared for the students to test their listening capability and enhance their concentration. This leads to a better performance in all subjects

Multimedia lab

Media can be a component of active learning strategies such as group discussions and case studies. It could just be simple film, a song that you hear, podcast of a lecture or a small newspaper article. We use the media to enhance learning and teaching which complement traditional approaches to learning. By using media such a projectors or laptops, we engage students’ minds which in turn aids student retention of knowledge, motivates interest in the subject and illustrates the relevance of many concepts. A well maintained multimedia lab is provided for teachers and students for the same.


Food preferences are developed in childhood.
By promoting and encouraging healthier food choices during childhood, healthy eating habits cab be carried forward through adulthood which go a long way to prevent chronic diseases later in life.
The main focus of our school canteen is to reinforce healthy food options to students and to develop healthy eating patterns at school. This not only helps in maintain the over all health but also keeps a check on weight management.


We provide a quality daycare center within the school premises for the children of our staff.
It’s handled by experienced baby sitters and is clean and tidy to meet the health concerns of parents of the children.

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