Our Staff

A good education system not only aims at academic excellence but at something more intrinsic – training students to become better human beings and good citizens.Victory International School, Dammam is a proud trainer of students in a manner which showcases their hidden talents, and encourages all-round development by providing quality education through a team of well dedicated teachers. There has been a tremendous improvement in the field of academics; all which we owe to our team of hard-working teachers under the leadership of eminent subject coordinators guided by the untiring efforts of the academic directress, Mrs. Nadira Khizer.
The Montessori section is headed by well experienced and qualified faculty who set the base for life-long learning. They have assistants in every classroom to assist the teacher.The Preparatory sections [ Grades : 1 & 2 ] have very selected teachers based on their commitment and warmth for children who need it the most as they graduate from the kindergarten cradles to the actual school life.By the time students land in the 3rd grade & above, and if you ask them what makes them successful , you won’t hear about some amazing book or any kind of video. Most likely you will get to hear something like – “Mrs./Mr. so and so is an amazing teacher who teaches us so well”.
This tells us about the important role a good teacher plays in a student’s life. What students take away from school is not just education but a personal connection with a teacher who instilled passion for learning and an inspiration for the subject. At Victory, we have such passionate teachers who are guided by the following subject coordinators with a sense of purpose and responsibility towards ever-improvement academics of the school.